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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Muktinath and Jomsom, by Ella

We got back from our trek! One of the villages we stayed in had a hotel called the Mona Lisa. One of my favorite places was Muktinath. We saw a blue fire, trickling water and nuns chanting all in one place. It is called the agni (fire) temple. It is also called the elements temple because earth, fire, water and mind are all together. There were many prayer flags, almost as many as the monkey temple. Jane hung prayer flags for her brother-in-law Neal and her former student Morgan. Jenna hung prayer flags for her aunt Ree, Kelsey, Kendall and Wilson and another strand for Cindy and Tyler.
We stayed in Kagbeni at Pema's house. She gave me her horse Sakpa to ride on the trek. He was the best horse I have ever ridden, aka, the only horse I have ever ridden! But every stumble and trip he did, I still loved him. Pema also gave me a Tibetan dress called a chuba that belonged to her oldest daughter, who is also 8. Her name is Tcheten. Her middle daughter is Nima she is 6 and her youngest is Sela Lillian she is 1 or 2.
In Jomsom we stayed at the Dancing Yak. I worked there! I washed dishes while squatting on the side of the sink with Laxmi. I cooked and served food, and cleaned. It was very very fun.


Carl Hoffman said...

Hey Booshie!!
I am so proud of you! And, believe it or not, I miss you too. Lots! :)
It sounds to me like you are having a wonderful adventure and I am so happy for you. Just think of all the Sakpa stories you will have to share with Tess and Lily now. I am very thankful that Pema went on the trek with you guys!
We're all just fine back home, and I just can't wait to give you hugs and kisses and zerberts...
Keep posting when you can. I miss you girl!


Joe and Carol said...

To Ella who's eight but writes with the wisdom of one much older... here's to Sakpa, the faithful horse and baby monkeys...I'm glad they are with you on this incredible journey. Thanks for writing about your experiences in Nepal. I so enjoy reading them. Sending HUGS from Blacksburg, the home of Mike's Burgers...one is waiting for you I'm sure :-).
Love, Carol

Andrea said...

Ella, Ella, Ella, lover of baby monkeys and rider of horses named Sakpa, your post made me smile a whole lot! Your description of the elements temple made me feel like I was there as Jane and Jenna were hanging their strands of prayer flags. Thanks for that :-)
I can't wait to hear more about your journey. But I hope you're not searching for places to stow baby monkeys in your suitcase ;-)--we'll have to just enjoy the pictures you bring.
Lots of love,

Suzan said...

Ella, I would love to see you try to squat on the side of the sink at your own house when you return! Do you think your Momma will let you! I also think a baby monkey would make a great pet! I can't wait to hear your stories when you get back home. Love, Suzan

Rachel said...

Hi Ella. We miss you so much. I even miss you being annoying( I can not belive I just said that!!!,but it does NOT mean you get to be annoying when get back from Nepal!)Why they have a hotel in Nepal called the Mona Lisa, I don't know. The Angi temple sounds really cool. It must have been cool to ride Sakpa( Although the horse might feel differently). I can't wait till you guys come home, Rachel:) P.S. I have a question for you, are baby monkeys your favorite animals now? Please respond soon, Rachel.

Anonymous said...

To Rachel,
Baby Monkeys are now my second favorite animals, but I still love Leo more. Ella (From Mary: Ella, Ella, Ella.......She has much to learn in ways of being annoying. Miss ya Rach, Mary)