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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Memories....from Reba

Ahhh, we are in Pokhara....a where it is not an exaggeration to say that you can fry and egg on the sidewalk (just ask Emerson who took a quick barefoot walk in the hotel garden).....where showering is just an interruption to being wet with sweat. It makes me remember the last time we were here, and our whole team was on one floor of the UN-air conditioned Guest house. We were so desperate for a breeze that we opened all of our doors on the hallway and stipped down to undershorts and tops to lay across the beds and nap....or at least that's what I remember doing :)
We haven't taken the boats out yet, but that's our plan for this evening or early in the morning. The spelling on the signs here is keeping us laughing, I remember Sherrie being so good about taking pictures of things like that. Sherrie, Jason and Tom, we DO miss you...very much.
Today we went to the Tibetan Refugee camp where the women spend months hand weaving beautiful wool and silk rugs. We entered a small room where three woman were sitting before huge looms, threading strings through with their fingers. One woman looked and Mary and Ella and patted the bench beside her, and they scrambled up. She showed them how she did it, then she let them try. I got good pictures! It was really sweet and I was proud of how Mary and Ella didn't hesitate to "give it a go." Even more amazing, and what I couldn't figure out, was how in the world the woman figured out when to stop one thread color and begin a new one in the design. We were told that for a large rug, 4 women must work for 4-5 months to complete it.

Ella wants me to tell you that she loves the food in Pokara. So far she has had pizza twice (pineapple and garlic) and spaghetti once. They are both eating like horses, so all is well...
And she still loves baby monkeys!

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