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Friday, July 2, 2010

Ella's post

Nepal is a place that not many 3rd graders will see. It's very different. You have to drink from bottles water and bottled water only! I am very impressed that they have Fanta! Fanta is really common in Nepal! So is Coca-cola, Pepsi, and other USA drinks. The crazy streets are very bumpy but awesome!
My favorite Hindu god is Ganesh because he looks like an elephant.
I liked the monkey temple because it had cute baby monkeys, but I did NOT like the 403 stairs that we had to walk up.
I had a gnat in my hot chocolate this morning (I got it out), and Mom forced me to eat scrambled eggs because I ordered a banana pancake but didn't like it.
Oh yeah, and Emerson and I saved Mary from a mama monkey! See? I DO care about her!
That's all for now
Love, Ella

Additional note from Reba:
Yesterday, as Mary and I were lying around our room feeling puny, Ella was back to her sassy self. She spent her afternoon playing Uno and journaling with Mika, Ashley and Emerson. They taught her how to cut pictures from the brochures to glue in her pages. She has loved Emerson for a long time, and now she loves Mika and Ashley. Two beautiful, kind and brave young women as role models. What more can a mother want?


Carl Hoffman said...

Your post made me laugh! I certainly do miss your humor around here and I will not let Mary EVER forget that you saved her from a mama monkey.
Glad to hear you are writing in your journal and I can't wait to read it when you get home. Hugs and kisses, my sweet girl! Check your Mom's and Mary's email for some other news...
Love, Dad

Rachel said...

Ella, Mary and Reba,
Sorry we haven't been able to post earlier but we had technical difficulties! Saw and had dessert with your Mom and Dad a few weeks ago, they were so happy that a neighbor had printed out one of your early posts and brought it to them to read!
Had a nice visit with Marian, Brett, Brittany and Rich over the 4th of July holiday - we were gone most of the weekend but Carl kept them entertained with 2 hikes and tubing down the new river!
Like Rachel said, you are missing the hottest summer on record, approaching 100 several times, heck I got in my car yesterday at work and the thermostat said 111!
Glad you all appear to be having such a great adventure soaking up all the culture and meeting so many people and seeing so many amazing sites! Although I was a bit freaked out by the burial rituals and the monkey business!
Sounds like you are on the next stage of the trip, hope it goes well. Rachel is finishing up SEEDS camp and completed Camp Carysbrook last week so we are doing all the regular Blacksburg summer things but really miss all of you but understand how exciting it is to be where you are! Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories first hand when you return in a several weeks!
Take care, Love, Kristi, Lawrence and Rachel

Rachel said...

Hey Ella. How is Nepal? The Monkey Temple sounds cool cause who doesn't like baby monkeys? It is not surprising you have to drink out of bottle water though.Can't wait to here about the trip from you! By the way my mom posed the last one.
Happy Hiking,
P.S. Next time Mary says that you don't care about her remind her who saved her from a mama monkey!