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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

E-mail from a Prince, from Jane, July 28

Today we have a wonderful e-mail from Jigme Bista, the Prince of Lo, in western Nepal. It is proper to say "former" Prince when you are here in Kathmandu, but out in Upper Mustang, that disentitlement is never spoken. Nepal's governmental structure is in flux, but the twenty-five generations of royalty in Upper Mustang is hundreds of years older than the current feuds, and Prince Jigme is so elegant and articulate and compassionate that I will always remember him simply as the Prince. Here is his e-mail:

Dear Jane,

A big congratulation to you on your documentary film!

Although we, the people of Lo (Mustang), don't know much
about modern art, you've touched our hearts and minds with your art and
inspired us. The various colors that you used in the painting and the amount of
detail you paid attention to is remarkable. I hope there will be aspiring artists in Mustang in the years to come.

I say this with immense gratitude that you have in a way contributed
in conserving our culture and traditions. I'm certain many will watch it with
great interest and enthusiasm.

I wish you luck and happiness.

Best regards,

Jigme S. P. Bista.

(Former Prince of Mustang)

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