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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 8th, from Jane

Hello Friends and especially our BMS friends in exile, I may be 13,000 miles from home, but let me say first that I am so sad that our School Board has taken the decision to move the Middle School to Old Christiansburg High School.

We have made it to Jomsom in the Annapurnas. Our flight happened yesterday, solving many frightening problems.

This morning, Pema Dhoka Thakuri from a village three hours up the Kali Gandaki came to the Dancing Yak because word had traveled upvalley last night that we had arrived. She is the Tibetan friend who came to stay with us in Blacksburg two years ago. It is so amazing to see her!

And Tsampa was standing at the edge of the tarmac to greet us, and so was Cy and Karma, Tampa's wife, and Lhakpa Dolma, Tsampa's daughter. It feels GREAT to be here!

Yesterday we were ushered into our new rooms--built on the back side of the hotel--with our OWN bathrooms! An we were given a basket of Tsampa's orchard's fresh apricots which ALL of us can't stop eating. Ella says they are the best things she has ever eaten. And pretty soon, we were hiking--across the iron bridge, up to Dhumpa Lake and monastery, where the air is full of dakinis, the locals say--sky-dancing female spirits who can intervene in the lives of people, and who are present but not visible.

We are in high country now, with snow-capped mountains all around us.

And last night we showed the film to Tsampa! And to his family, and to friends. The Dancing Yak was the theatre. What an uproarious great hour! I think we will have a reshow tonight. Everyone was thrilled, and it was anarchy in the audience, laughing and being amazed and yelling out approval and joy. Jenna videoed. WOW.

The thang-ka I painted in 2001 is hanging up and looks completely at home. We have made it to the first position of the Dancing Yak menu, where the hotel lists its specialties and services, for example, having a Tibetan doctor on call, or being able to help a tourist rent a trekking pony. But the first listing: Amchi thang-ka of Holy Man Tsampa Ngawang lineage portrait hangs here.

It is thrilling to have made it here, and thrilling for Emerson to be back in the really high mountains with me, and wonderful to see Ashleigh and Mary and Ella drop their jaws at the land and the vistas and the sheer age of the buildings here--and great to see Reba walking with her completely free fossil- and bone-hunting daughters--and as always, a privilege to be with Jenna.

Tsampa looks as young as ever-- Emerson says he looks exactly the same as the last time he saw him.

We are full of apricots, popcorn, dhal batt, greens, AND summer worm/winter grass liquor, a rare Tibetan herbal (well, for a vegetarian, the summer worm part is disturbing!) concoction to celebrate the film and to give us long life.

Our love to everyone. E-mail is expensive and unpredictable, but the trek to Lo is on schedule, and our friends are here with us. Emerson will be leaving with Cy tomorrow to head downtrail on foot--should be a spectacular adventure--and it looks like we are on target to show A Gift for the Village both in Kagbeni at the Red House and to Raja Jigme, the King of Lo Monthang. Love, Jane


Rom said...

Hi Jane and tem,

That is great you already in Mustang and enjoying the top of the world's natural beauty. I also fund a wonderful news about your outstanding project "The gift for the village" at one of the most popular Neplease news site, ekantipur.com. Here is the link for that. http://www.ekantipur.com/np/2067/3/23/full-news/314233/

With regards


rocky said...

i am glad that u guys have reached jomsom safely. i love reading the blog, keep it coming feels like i am there with u guys, but surly i will see u guys in September. lots of love to all of u and all the best.

very very proud of u all.

Manoj shahi

Jason said...

Yeah!!! you made it!! I miss the feeling of stepping off the plain in that great place!! Big hugs to all our Jomsom family! Jenna I am visiting Mom & Dad and lovin reading the blog together! You guys may be trekking huge Mtns and crossing great rivers, well we are PAINTING as a family project. And you know how much I love that!!!Mom and Dad say Hello and happy travels.

Andrea said...

Yay! So glad to hear you rare finally in Jomsom! Missing you here but know our thoughts and hearts are together. It's been a difficult week back home. Thank goodness I've been in Maine, far away from the people who have made such wrong decisions.
Please give my love to all.

Suzan said...

I am so happy to hear what a wonderful time you are all having and what great adventures Mary and Ella are enjoying! It makes me smile and that is a fabulous thing for me right now!Suzan

Emerson said...

I MIIIIISSS you guys!!!!

Joey said...

Mom & dad have been reading me your stories. I love it. What great adventures. We look forward to hearing all about your travels. We are most interested in folks reactions to the documentary.

Below is a list of items I was hoping you could pick up for me while your there:

1. A ball tree
2. The snow lion guardian in Bhaktapur
3. Wind from Kagbeni
4. The sound of a passing pony pack train
5. The dung of a yak
6. A white wind horse (Just like the one in my painting)
7. A sack full of norbus

That should do it.

Wishing everyone the very best experience, the Pories Clan