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Thursday, July 1, 2010

From Mary

Wow. The Hoffman's have been sick for a while. We're starting to get better....I hope. Today at Pashupati I got 'up close and personal' with a mamma monkey. If Ella hadn't pulled me back, I probably would've been jumped on. Brrrrr. Sends a chill down my spine how close I was. Anyway, Let's head to good news. I finaly got a dragon, thanks to Mom and Jane. It's a big black one. Jane said Black Dragons are guardians in Nepal. Tomorrow is our last day in Kathmandu. I'm feeling a little homesick, but excited for the new adventures to come. I hope no more close monkey encounters though. Also at Pashupati, we saw body's being prepared for burning, and body's being burned, understanding that it's an entirely different culture, but was also very moving. On the 29th, I think, Mingma took us to a very nice hotel with a nice restaurant with pretty good food, (I probably would've enjoyed it more if I wasn't feeling sick,) and amazing dancers. In one dance, the man dancing took a liking to Ashley, which made his girlfriend mad. There were about four or five performances before they finished. I heard last night's show was big success. That makes me happy people care. I miss everyone back home and hope you are all having a nice summer.


Tammy said...

Glad you three are feeling better! And what about that sweet sister of yours saving you from a monkey! Stay well and enjoy your time. It is not often someone so young gets to be a world traveler! We love reading your post. It feels like we are there with you guys; though your writings we get to look in from the outside. Look who is the teacher now. Thanks for teaching us!

Tammy and Delanie

Andrea said...

Oh, Mary, so sorry you've been sick for a little while. I'm glad you're all feeling better.

Good thing Ella's looking out for you with the monkeys, huh? Thanks, Ella :-)

Can't wait to see the dragons you collect.

Thanks for sharing.
Love, Andrea

Carl Hoffman said...

Hey PotPie!
Kathmandu is very exciting, yes? I'm so happy that you are having fun. But watch out for those darn monkeys! Meanwhile, all five of the cats are doing well, so don't worry about them.
Marian, Brittany, Brett and I are going to pick up Rich at the Roanoke airport in the morning and then we're going to hike up Sharp Top. At 3,500 feet, it'll be nothing like what you are going to experience first-hand in the coming weeks. Give your sister a big hug from me, and keep blogging when you can. I love you guys!


Kevin said...

Mary, I just finished reading your post to Sam. She asked if you are really only a 7th grader? You write so wonderfully that we can truly see through your eyes. So glad that you are all feeling better! Enjoy your adventures.

Love from the Q's

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary! You must be having so much fun in Nepal. I'm so sorry you've been sick :(. Scary about the monkey. It stinks that you felt homesick. I would too. Miss you!

<3 Caroline