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Monday, July 5, 2010

From Mary

Wow! Pokhara is Hot! At least 100 degrees when the sun is at it's peak. I hope it's not that hot in Blacksburg. After being in Pokhara for a few days, a mountain trek is welcomed. Jane and I are getting ready to go see a shirt she's having made by a silk tailor-artist, of her painting. Hopefully it'll be good, But it might be horrible. We went to Devi's Falls the first full day we were here. There was a waterfall (Of course,)and a double rainbow in a area off to the side. There was also a wishing well with Ganesh on a isolated perch, the edges going off into a shallow well. Of all of us who tried, Emerson managed to get a rupee coin on the island and have his wish granted. As we were leaving, I saw a really beautiful brass Snow Leopard, but the woman priced too high. As everyone else was browsing other stores, Emerson goes back and buys the Snow Leopard for me. That almost put me in tears. I then saw a necklace with a pheonix and a dragon around a marble and Jane gave me 100 rupees to get it. That was very nice also. Then, when we were at the Tibetan Refugee camp, we went in and saw the woman who were making the rugs, and one pats her bench for me and Ella to get up. She even showed us how. Then Mom got a huge Wind Horse, Ella got a small square Snow Lion, and I got a medium-sized Black dragon. This morning, we got up early to go out on the Lake, which I kept calling a river. On the way there, we got caught in between a dog fight. The bad thing was, the fight followed us. So as Jane was getting ready to get Emerson, I tried to join up with the rest of the group, but was cut off several times. I finally got through though. When we got out on the lake, We paddled over to a temple on the island. There were many pigeons, but in the water over a certain point, was a huge school of fish. When we looked through the polarized lenses, it was so much clearer. On the way back, There were a couple bottles out on the lake, Ashley, Ella , Mom, and I (Our boat), We went to go get them. It turned out they were buoys. Then we went to a German bakery, 2 hours before lunch. Lunch for Ella and I was a plate of French Fries. Mom didn't come because of her ear-splitting headache. Don't Worry Mom, I've been there before. So, now we are going for the T-shirt. Hope it's good!


Carl Hoffman said...

Great post, Mary! It sounds to me like you're gathering quite a nice selection of goodies to show us when you get back. I can't wait...
Have fun when you are hiking. Hopefully the weather will be much cooler in the higher mountatins. It's getting progressively hotter each day here in Blacksburg. I think today it will be mid-90's. Brett, Brittany and I are going tubing at the river to cool off.
I love you and miss you! Give hugs and kisses all around, from me.

Caroline said...

Hey Mary!
It sound beautiful there! Once again, I'm imagining all the pretty pictures I could take there! I can't wait to see you when you get back! Sounds like you have lots of cool things to bring back! Sounds burning there! Blacksburg isn't much better heat-wise. One day it was about 93 degrees! Mostly we are staying inside or at the pool because of the heat. On the 4th, we celebrated as usual, but I can't help but wonder if you did anything special. It was so nice of Jane and Emerson to get those things for you! Speaking of dogs...we found another dog! He was a stray and he came up to our front yard. We are like dog magnets! Yesterday, a dog (who lives near the neighborhood) came up onto our driveway and started playing with Keefer! We found his owner really quick though. The one that we are most likely keeping we named Buster. He didn't have a collar or anything when we found him. We haven't found his owners yet, so I'm crossing my fingers that we can keep him. He is a Beagle-Lab mix, and he has ran away a couple of times but he always comes right back. He has scars on his face and the vet thinks he was used to practice for dog fights :(. He is such a sweetheart, and I hope you'll get to meet him when you get back! Miss you!

<3 Caroline

Tom Landon said...

For some reason Blogger is having some trouble posting comments today. Here's another, this time from Joe and Carol. Keep them coming, and I'll get them posted as quickly as I can.

"WOW...as Reba said, she is traveling with a team of gifted writers! It's such a treat to read about your journey through all these eyes... especially the little eyes of Mary and Ella on an adventure of a lifetime! Sending weather-clearing thoughts your way so the team can make it to Jomson tomorrow. Love to all from Joe and Carol. "

Tom Landon said...

Again, from Caroline...
Hi Mary! You must be having so much fun in Nepal. I'm so sorry you've been sick :(. Scary about the monkey. It stinks that you felt homesick. I would too. Miss you!

<3 Caroline

Rachel said...

Hey Mary! I hope you have been having a great time in Nepal. I cant wait till you come back and tell me more about the trip. Unfortantly the weather has pretty hot to, at least 90 every day! Devi's Falls sounds amazing! I cant wait to hear about the other places you will go! I miss you guys so much:( I hope that the rest of your time in Nepal is as awesome as it has been so far:)
Happy Hiking,
Rachel, Kristi and Lawrence

Suzan said...

Dearest Mary I love, love, love reading your blog-it makes me want to be where you are and I am kind of a scaredy cat about going to strange places so thank you for helping me imagine where you are and what you are seeing and doing! Hugs to all of you, Suzan