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We've been named as a official selection in the Southern Circuit of Filmmakers Tour, March 17-24.

Shows are in Hapeville, GA 3/17, Madison, GA 3/20, Orangeburg, SC 3/22, Gainsville, GA 3/23, and Manteo, NC 3/24.
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Mark your calendars for November 14

Hello from the long-lost trekkers. It has been pretty crazy in all of our worlds since the last of our crew returned in August. Jenna had to start planning for a new year of teaching 5th graders and an especially challenging student, who she is of course dedicating every moment to helping in the classroom, as well as working weekends at North American River Runners. Jane came home to a houseful of expectant cats and immediately had to face the prospect of teaching 2 courses this semester at Virginia Tech, along with her day job working at the middle school. I began a new job teaching online, and the learning curve has been steep. Jason has been up in West Virginia guiding trips (the season ends this weekend, I believe). Reba is full-tilt into teaching her class, and we are all missing our friends back in Nepal as they wait expectantly for the political situation to stabilize.

All of this does NOT mean that we've stopped forward progress on our project, but it has been laying fallow and we're just beginning to poke it with a stick and wake it up for a fall and winter season of making progress. Jenna and Jane are making plans for a program to take place at Virginia Tech on November 14 - the event that we had to cancel after the tragic campus shootings last April. As soon as we have a web link for the presentation, I'll post it here.