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Saturday, June 23, 2007

So much more relaxed in Pokhara!

Before I tell you all about getting to Pokhara, let me describe the scene outside this internet place: Two beautiful girls walking by the lake, past two young cows in traffic and a woman in a sari selling roasted corn from a hibachi cart, while a bus full of tibetan people goes by headed to a nearby refugee camp, pst the guy repairing shoes on a mat on the roadside next to a small shrine where you can rent boats and go across the lake to a hilltop shrine... OK, I've got to stop looking out the window or I'll never get anything written. It's nice here because the pollution is WAY less than Kathmandu, and there are no beggars that I've seen so far, and while the prices are a little higher, the shopkeepers are way less competitive. Pokhara is lower in elevation than Kathmandu, but it is surrounded by some HUGE mountains which hopefully we'll be able to see tomorrow fully if the clouds clear.
Our trip here was pretty uneventful, except for the scene in the Kathmandu airport when Jane had to use all of the tools at her disposal including the letter from the
Dahli Lama and one of the two (TWO!) newspaper articles that were published about us in the Kathmandu papers... one in English and the other in Nawari with a little sanskrit thrown in...
The man at the gate kept showing her a photo of the plane and saying, "Madam, this is a picture of the plane, and your package will not fit". Somehow magically though it did fit and we made the flight, and it was uneventful. Now we only have to get it to Jomsom and we can start lightening our load. Jenna lightened the load more today when she gave a bunch of the used clothing we've been carrying to two beautiful old ladies who live in the refugee camp.
We're all doing well. A few stomach problems at various times, but now I think we'll all be healthy by the time we get to Jomsom.
Love to all,


Beth, Mary and Will said...

Howdy y'all. great to hear from you.
(Beth is typing).
At camp yesterday (says Mary), I got six badges. I got archery, swimming, synchro, rec sports, CAP, and arts and crafts.

Last night, we came to Will's house, and I spent the night. I woke up at midnight and cleaned up Will's room (note from Beth: This kid rocks!)

From Will: Yesterday was my birthday, and it was great to see Mary and Carl and Ella. The cake was really good (chocolate!)
Today we're going to swimming and to a movie. I am an alien! We come in peace!

From Beth: Thanks for blogging, Reba! It's great stuff. So glad you made it to Pokhara safely and are loving the smaller city scene.
Tell Tom (ahem, who doesn't call or email or blog, apparently, as much as you -- to get busy and be in touch!)

We miss you all.... xoxoxo beth

Garland said...

Thanks, Tom. as you said, Sherrie had the T-shirts covered. Sounds like in Pokhara, you've found some real estate you can "stomach" better. Sorry about your stomach problems and wish you no more. Otherwise it's been an amazing trip with more to come. Anxious to see your video.

Anonymous said...

Will makes a great understatement when he said the cake was really good. In fact, it was SO good, I began forming mental images of Reba and Jenna fighting over the last piece. So we talked a bit about their shared addiction and had a nice laugh. Still not sure who would win - both seem to have determined cravings...
As always, greatly enjoy your blogs. The imagery is excellent. My goal is to have your son up here for a sleepover next week and see if Mary (or Will, either one will do, I'm not picky) gets up in the middle of the night and cleans her OWN room. That would be a nice change of pace.
Take care,

terry said...

Hey Tom! how's it going?
sounds like y'all are having lots of fun. your wife and children are here in ohio. they are looking good. and terribly sad because you are gone.
we will keep them entertained. beth just came down for a REAL cup of coffee!!! :)
be safe, and get home soon.
love, your sister-in-law Terry