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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How the heck can I describe....?

Hi everybody. Jenna the teacher assigned us all homework. Since there is SOOOO much to tell, her great idea was for each of us to pick something different to blog about so we weren't repeating ourselves too much. I'm happy with that, because I couldn't type everything I want to talk about. Do I get extra credit for getting mine done first?
Yesterday we walked to a temple with Sunil, Jane and Jenna's friend. I'm sorry that I can't remember the name of it. I wrote it down, but do I have it with me? Of course not. Antway, as we walked we came across a school where the childeren, in their uniforms, were outside doing their morning assembly. As Jenna was shooting video across the fence, a mother invited us in. The children were all lined up, reciting and singing, and that's when it happened......I burst into tears. I guess between missing Mary and Ella and being overwhelmed by everything here, I lost it. How embarassing! The principal arrived and invited us into the classrooms, where the kids stood up immediately and said, "Good morning, Madam". I can't wait to tell that to my 8th graders. The principal has taught in the US and returned to start this school, where the classrooms are separated with plywood partitions and the dim light comes from small windows. I visited mostly with an older class of three girls who were studying science (Yea!) and geometry. I got the principal's (who is also the science teacher) address and hope to keep in touch.
My biggest worry is that I won't be able to express how this place is to people back home. Amidst the chaos, crowds, trash in the streets, not-always-so-good smells, constant requests to buy (or give)....are people who are kind and glad we are here. They love to share this place with us. I know I won't be able to do it justice, but I will try. Tom, Jenna and Sherrie are getting AMAZING video and pictures, and we are all having so much fun together.
Mom and Dad, I am fine! Love to everybody, especially Carl.


Beth Macy said...

Hey Reba... it figures that you are the first to do your homework and that my husband hasn't even begun his? i'm glad he has so many teachers keeping him in check.
it sounds so wonderful!! i'm so glad you're having such an awesome time. i know your family is missing you -- and i hope to see them before the week is out -- but know that they are proud of you and you are setting such a great example of what it means to be a wife, a teacher, a mom, a super-cool chick!!!
We are missing Tom/Daddy, too, and are loving reading/hearing any little morsel we can get, so tell all to get their butts in gear and blog so we'll all know what it is you do/see/feel/hear or, in Jane the Pain's case, SMELL!!!
love you all, be sweet -- beth

Anonymous said...

Hi Reba and Crew!!! This is Gretchen who is LOVING reading about your journey. The description of the school gave me goose bumps. I can't wait to hear more. You are all on my mind!!!! Love, Gretchen

Donna & Craigster said...

hey Reba darlin,
so cool to stay in touch with this blog. Feels like you are talking to us. Enjoy each minute. Can't wait to see you and hear all of your stories.
Much love -- girl & boy

Garland said...

Thanks, Reba. those up-close, personal experiences/reactions bring us right there with you in spirit. We're tracking you best we can with thoughts, time checks there and wondering what you did today.

Keep a daily diary best as you can, 'cause this could become a book or story article someday soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Reba! Kevin here. You? Burst into tears? Never! Wasn't it you who cried over the Stomp movie? Hmmm? I can't wait to see and hear everything you guys bring home. Savor every moment. Your girls may miss you, Carl too probably, ;), but they are going to gain from this trip too. This experience will make you a stronger person, thus a stronger mommy and wife. Growing is never easy. Haven't you heard of growing pains?

Anonymous said...

Today at Camp Carysbrook, I climbed the rock wall at the "hut", and I am starting to get chardesy - which means that you are starting to get your arrows crossed in archery. I also learn the parts of a rifle and got to shot it [don't freak out they help you and we are shoting at targets nothing else]. Can I do the overnight camp next year? Love, Mary
Momma, I just wanted you to know that I lost my tooth (and Rachel has one hanging by a thread, probably be still hanging next week...I love gymnastics camp and I can even do a cartwheel and I liked my karate mini-lesson.
We are going to see Surf's up maybe this weekend - hope you are drinking lots of good tasting tea.
Love, Ella and Mary and Carl

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just got back form a trip to Philly and this is the first chance to read your blog-it all sounds so amazing to me! I love your "wide eyed" view of things so I hope you are keeping a journal! Absorb every experience possible and live in the moment if you can despite missing your girls and Carl! Hello to Jane as well! Suzan