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Thursday, June 14, 2007

24 hours to go...

The last week has felt like a swarm of bees in my body...now there are millions of furious worms just under my skin as I look at all my gear on my living room floor and wonder how I am going to get it into my pack. Funny how my body can feel so electric while my mind moves more like drying glue and refuses to think rationally or make quick decisions. My girls are fussing at each other just like it is any other day while I am desperately trying to finish packing so I can do something fun with them.
I am grateful to many friends who have phoned to wish me a safe and fun trip and to offer help to Carl and the kids. That makes this so much easier.
I can't wait.


grandsonsal said...

Has anyone heard from the group since noon today??? I am in contact with Reba's parents and want to relay any news to them.

Anonymous said...

All's well, I spoke to Reba this morning and other than a hair-raising cab ride from the airport to the the Kathmandu Guest House, the trip was relatively uneventful...at least that's what I'm told. I think they are all operating on little sleep and were yearning to try out their beds, but only after a brief foray into the city. Int'l calls being $2/minute, we didn't talk too long, and so I'm anxious for one of the travelers to post their thoughts to the blog.