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Thursday, June 14, 2007

An amazing travelogue

When Jenna and Jane traveled to Nepal last time, they kept an online diary, which is avialable for your reading pleasure at http://myweb.wvnet.edu/~gsb00900/ - to access it click on the link in the "web links" section on the right of this page, and then click on the image of the mandala to open the file.

The Nepal posts start about halfway through the document, and my favorite part is the description of the trek from Jomsom.
Happy reading!


Stacy ye Tom said...

Aloha Team ,
Much Aloha from the Sandwhich Isles and the Bob Canoe Club !
We would like to vote for Sherri Austin ...this is a reality show , isn't it ?
Aloha , BCC

Sean said...

I wish all of you the very best in your travels. Jane, Jenna, Tom, Jason, Reba--all of you, and those I don't know--are truly amazing for taking this trip. When you return Sara and I will be three. Much to share then. Until then, I'll follow the adventure here! Be well--

~ Sean Sharp

Joe and Carol said...

WOW! The trip to the airport yesterday was energizing...from the moment we picked up Jane and Emerson, to the rendezvous at Jenna's with Jason, Reba, Carl, Mary and Ella...each traveler letting out a scream of delight when they greeted each other, realizing that this was it...the long awaited day finally arriving. Conversing with Jane and Emerson on the way to Roanoke about important, and frivolous matters, only added to our energy...for, they are both so wise. Unloading, and watching as all seven travelers arrived, each with a smile that exclaimed, "we are tripping to Nepal!" Yes, what an honor it was to witness the beginning of this journey. Hello to all of you from the other side of the world...we send our love!