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Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18: Dateline Kathmandu!

June 18: kathmandu Guest House to Tsampa
Sleeepy eyed and satisfied – After the 17 hours in the Delhi airport, not sleeping more than a few of them, we flew to Kathmandu at 12:30 p.m. A beautiful sunny day yesterday and this morning awoke to a soft rain that stopped by breakfast tie.
At the airport in Kathmandu yesterday we were happy that all of our bags, especially the painting, arrived safely. We were tired byt excited and cleared customs to find Tsampa and Jane’s nephew Cy waiting for us. Outside the airport chaos reigns – a good introduction to what little I know of Nepal. Men clamoring to help us with bags, children begging rupees, and horns bleating constantly.
I caused more panic when I realized I left my audio bag on the plane, but after racing back through customs with a worried look on my face I found a mand at the “luggage complaining” station and frantically asked how I could get it back. He held it up and said, “What seat number sir?” Even Jenna and Jane were surprised by my good luck. We exchanged honorific scarves with Tsampa and crammed, all 7 of us plus Cy, Tsampa, two British Trekkers, a helper from the guest house and a driver into a small van that took us through the streets of the city – a ride more thrilling than anything at King’s Dominion Amusement park. Motorcylcles, busses, little jeeps called “Tut-Tuts”. We were al laughing hysterically and trying to know what we were seeing, but how?

Then, the Kathmandu Guest House, a true sanctuary of calm among the chaos. Jane is welcomed as an ould riend and we find a poster for Gift for the Village hanginn in the lobby.

I am rooming with Diane. Reba Jane and Jenna are together, and Jason and Sherrie. I’m on the third floor overlooking a garden and the rooftops of the crazy city.

Tsampa and Jane unrolled the painting in the sunny courtyard while Jenna Sherry and I shot some good video and stills, and jane and Tsampa discussed the frame that will be sewn beginning today at a tailor known to Tsampa and Jane’s friend Rajendra. We went there this morning and then to a shop that makes embroidered T shirts where we ordered our own GFTV design – get on the list if you want one!
Max, I ordered a special “eyes” shirt for you too… it should be ready by the end of the week.

Last night we had dinner at the Third Eye restaurant, eating on the top floor overlooking the crazy streets below. A great meal and a great big bottle of Everest beer set me back 3.50 US.

Happy Fathers Day, Pop, and to me too, I guess! Love to all who follow our progress.
More later, hopefully. We leave for Pokhara on Friday and then it’ll be no communication for a few weeks.

Love to all, and Namaste,


Anonymous said...

Reba, Jane and all... Wow, I thought getting Asher off to baseball camp was an adventure this morning! Much love to you. You are very much in my thoughts as I only try to imagine what you are living. Blessings! Kevin

Anonymous said...

Well done, Tom, you paint a wonderful image for us to enjoy. Speaking for myself, but probably for many others as well, I crave hearing more about your adventures...so keep those posts coming, guys! Carl

Anonymous said...

What an absolutley incredible spiritual and visual journey you are on.....Carl is right, Tom, you paint an incredible image...I can hear the noise and chaos at the airport - and feel the comforting serenity and stillness when you arrive at the guest house....can't wait to read about the continuing discoveries this week......Peace be yours, WWD

Garland said...

Thanks, Tom, for the strokes of your word-brush. They help our imaginations create visuals for us to see. We're following you the best we can with time-checks there and wondering what you're doing at the moment. With Love Always, Garland