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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hi Friends and Family,
We are here and VERY VERY tired. In fact Mary and Ella about fell asleep in their soup tonight. Our first adventure was walking to the Monkey Temple with our dear dear friend Sunil. We have just run into the musician who plays a song in the documentary. He will come to the show on the 28th. So will several friends we have already made since we arrived, and several other old friends, including Mr. Bhatt, our beloved jeweler, who knows that he makes an appearance in the documentary.

Our flights over were all comfortable (at least for those of us with short legs) and it was fun to watch Mary and Ella as they looked out of the plane window and asked Jenna, "What are those white things down there?" "Clouds," Jenna told them.

We are well. We have spun giant prayer wheels already, watched tiny baby monkeys ride their loyal mothers, and eaten our first fine dinner at The Third Eye, where Emerson had his first bowl of special Nepali tomato soup in twelve years, and where his cousin Cy joined us.

Jason, Sherrie, and Tom, we miss you! You should have been sitting across from us on the rooftop. It is hard not having out team with us.

Can't wait to report as our days play out! J and J


Tom Landon said...

The post looks great, and the news sounds all good. Next time, if you can, copy the link to the blogspot and put it in the facebook page. I can do that for you too. Sleep well, and tell Reba not to order the goat.

Ron Rordam said...

Mary and I are thinking about you all. Glad the
trip went well. Keep posting as you can.


Garland said...

This has to be exciting,seeing familiar places and faces, enjoying favorite foods, and bathing in the energy of the mission. May the showings all go well and the journey pleasant!

Andrea said...

p.s. Happy Birthday, Jenna! :-)

Carl Hoffman said...

I believe this was Ella's first flight! She reported the airline food was inferior...ha ha. Hope she likes dal baht (sp) :)
Keep the posts coming. It's great to hear about your adventures!