Upcoming Shows

We've been named as a official selection in the Southern Circuit of Filmmakers Tour, March 17-24.

Shows are in Hapeville, GA 3/17, Madison, GA 3/20, Orangeburg, SC 3/22, Gainsville, GA 3/23, and Manteo, NC 3/24.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jane and Jenna's Art and History Project

Jane Vance has just been featured in another story in the Roanoke Times. This time it's for a neat art and history project at Jenna's school, Prices Fork Elementary, in Montgomery County. Here's the link to the story . I especially like the way she fit a South Asian elephant into a painting of a Prices Fork coal mine. Verisimilitude, for sure.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Premiere Date!

Jane reports that she's secured a premiere date for our film in Blacksburg during the week of February 20th as part of an international students event sponsored by Nepali students on campus. We'll have more details soon.

Things continue to move forward. Thanks to portable hard drives Jenna was able to work with Jane and made a big push just as summer was ending to get the film in a state of near completion, and now I have the files here in Cambridge, Mass. and have been tweaking, tightening, and mixing audio for the last several weeks (while also working on finishing a really fun Hindu wedding Jenna and I shot October 2 in Blacksburg.)

We have some good news on the narration front: a nationally known narrator is going to take a look at the film in the coming days and let me know if she's willing to help us out. I won't give her name just yet but she is perfect for the job, and we hope she'll say yes. In the meantime, Jane's producer friend Dee in San Franciso has been sent multiple copies of the latest version of the film to critique and may be providing some professional help with color correction and finalizing the video - depending on budget cuts and other variables. Even if she's unable to help, I think we have a great film on our hands. It feels so good to have a finish line for this production marathon.